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was shot in the chest. they were able to stabilize him and move him to one of the trauma centers. we're not sure if it was a shock trauma. city police have a good description of the suspect responsible for the shooting and the name. they have been conducting a search of the immediate area as well as a building on campus which is on lockdown. the officers that were checking the rooms they were concerned about adjacent to where the shooting took place are in the process of clearing right now. but university police are going to keep the building shut down as the investigation continues. city police are in the process of clearing their equipment from the building. morgan state is going to keep it locked down. they should be able to keep
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everything straight. the crime lab is here on the screen. >> security is being stepped up tonight in the wake of a deadly attack on a consulate in libya that left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador. >> there are new concerns whether that they have been related to 9/11. let's go live now to our washington bureau for the latest. >> the white house official says it's premature to speculate about the motives. but some say it was too coordinated to be something spontaneous. >> he was a career diplomat. he was killed and a line of duty along with three other americans after a fiery attack by a militant mob at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president condemned the attack. >> make no mistake -- we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers
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who attacked our people. >> the president was joined by hillary clinton and accompanied her to the state department to offer support to staff. >> this is not easy. today, many americans are asking, indeed i asked myself, how could this happen? >> american officials are investigating whether with a planned strike to mark the 9/11 anniversary. other protests broke out at u.s. embassy in egypt over an islamist movie produced by california filmmaker. mitt romney criticized the administration for -- >> the appeared to issue an apology for american principles predellas a mistake. >> foreign-policy officials say with the mistake is making a campaign issue. >> it would have been wise to avoid that. >> in an interview, the president responded, saying it romney has a tendency to shoot
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first and think later. >> for more, you can stay tuned for nbc nightly news with brian williams beginning at 6:30. questions linger a day after an eighth grader brought a handgun to school and brandished it, creating a scare for students and staff there. second incident since the beginning of the school year just two weeks ago. let's go live to police headquarters for the latest on the investigation. coverage begins in essex with more on school security. >> in metal detectors could start showing up as early as the end of this week. some are on order and the police could start using them on campus in the next day or so.
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>> it's just like going to the court system. it might be costly but it would be a good thing to do. >> the use of metal detectors has become a hot topic. >> it should have been effect from the beginning. a lot of what is going on would be diverted if there was a stronger presence. >> the safety of our children should be the priority everywhere. they don't hesitate to put speed cameras in front of schools, yet kids are bringing handguns to schools. >> in police officers will be issued hand-held metal detectors to scan for guns or other weapons. police will use the devices only when they suspect a crime is about to take place. >> were taking the liberty of approach. >> the school superintendent
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says he will continue to work on his safety plan which is not limited to metal detectors. >> i have not said yes and i have not said note to metal detectors. there have been several incidents where metal detectors have been in place and have not prevented incidents. >> at least one parent has a reason to support them. >> i used to go to city schools and we have metal detectors. nothing ever happened except maybe kids started a couple of fires. >> the teacher who made the effort to knock the gun out of hand yesterday's being called a hero. she is not on campus today. we understand as school superintendent is in the process of doing a major reviews of the district's current security and crisis policies. live now to baltimore police headquarters. >> the 13-year-old in this case is charged as a juvenile. his grandfather also faces charges for not securing the gun
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that was brought to school. for the second time in two weeks, a student brings a gun into school. in the latest incident, a 13- year-old boy pointed a gun and a teacher. he's charged as a juvenile. his grandfather is also facing charges. >> maryland law requires gun owners to secure loaded firearms from children 15 years of age or younger. my opinion, however, is let's go above that. let's secure our weapons even if the law doesn't require us to. >> we went to police a firearm safety instructor who said you should never story gun loaded or unsecured in this case. according to charging documents, the gun wasn't locked up, and he saw him a place to go between his mattress and box spring prior to the incident.
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>> i have never made the case they keep any fire alarm -- any firearm under the mattress or under the pillow. while it's too easy to wake up from a sleep not knowing whether you are awake or asleep for what is going on. >> once the gun is unloaded, you need to secure a with an inexpensive trigger locker to locker. they are cheap and easy to use. >> the big thing is, you have to have the keys away are with you. >> if you leave the keys mouse, it's like it was on. >> he recommends placing it in a lot safe attached to the home so it can be used. >> no matter how you feel about gun control, we should be able to agree on one thing -- we need to secure our weapons.
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>> a that grandfather in this case faces a misdemeanor charge punishable by up to $1,000 in fines. he is due in court in november. >> thank you very much. our team coverage continues online. we were the first on the scene yesterday. you can see more pictures and get the most up-to-date information at >> a coalition of lawmakers, environmentalists and concerned citizens rallied on federal hill calling for a moratorium on the controversial drilling technique called fracking. let's go live now to the newsroom for the latest. >> they wanted a best and state practices done as required in the state drilling executive order. advocates contend that natural gas companies manage to kill legislation that would have provided funding to do it as will a study the impact on the environment, public health, and
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traffic. >> governor o'malley, if you believe this is good for the state of maryland, come and drink are water. not only doesn't not look appealing, it has things in it that will probably last a lifetime. >> he is holding a jug of household water he says is contaminated by the fracking process in his pennsylvania neighborhood. he's part of a coalition of people who want studies done before fracking is allowed in maryland. >> it is important we send a message to the oil and gas industry that the state of maryland, public policy is very clear -- there will be no fracking in maryland and to waive robust, scientific studies that show the environmental and public health impact of this kind of activity. >> the montgomery county democrat delegate will introduce legislation next year at preventing drilling until a study the requirements of the executive order from the governor are filled. the order didn't have a funding
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source. a bill imposing a fee on natural gas company's past house, but died in the committee. >> why not? $150,000 of lobby money. >> advocates believe the natural gas companies are trying to run out the clock. a large swath of natural gas has been entombed in maryland for 380 million years in a layer of rock called marcellus shale. the mining requires a horizontal drilling mixing water and chemicals to fracture the shale and getting the gas. people from pennsylvania came to warn of their experience. >> many families have lost access to clean water, fresh air, and are dealing with health problems. >> are you going to want to come to western maryland and go on vacation or spend a million dollars on a vacation home if you're going to wake up beside a gas plant or compressor station or a gas drill?
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>> let's hit the pause button and have a moratorium on fracking. let's get it done right if it can be done right and move forward from there. >> it said intercessor committee did not vote because they have a lot of pressing issues before them and read at a time. she considers herself one of the biggest environmentalists in the assembly and it calls claims that lobbyist influence her fictitious and insulting. she urged the delegates to get your story straight. however, have found funding to work on best practices and will make a recommendation by august, 2014. authorities say they're working with other agencies to come up with funding to address the impact on the environment and public health. >> much more news ahead. >> the orioles look to start the first place winning streak tonight. but they'll carry injuries concerns. >> the fourth straight day with
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>> we continue to follow breaking news that of northeast baltimore a student has been shot on the campus of morgan state university. >> let's go live now to the scene. >> i want to set at the scene for where we are right now. i'm right in front of the student center. the police activity has been
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concentrated between the student center and here at the field house. the shooting is believed to have happened somewhere in this general facility. the football field on the back of these two buildings you see here -- we are not -- campus and city police say one person was shot in the stomach. the person was taken to a hospital and the search continues for the gunman who committed the shooting. he has been this quiet -- he has been described as a tall black man with a fade haircut. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt. no word of the gunman or suspects are students or not. we have seen all of police activity in this area from oregon state police and city police. when we first got out here, we saw police walking with bulletproof vests and walking with attack shields going into a swap operation. we have been talking to students
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here on the campus and we're joined by freshman here. what have you heard about the shooting? >> i got a call from my friend who said i'm going to the student center because something happened. he said it was a shooting and it just got serious. >> did you get an alert from campus police about what happened? >> no, sir. >> when you hear a shooting happened on campus -- school started not too long ago, what is going through your head? >> a shooting here in morgan state university? i'm from the bronx and there are shootings every day, but on campus, it is different. it is shocking. >> thank you for your time. we will have updates and i will toss it back to you guys in the studio. >> >> a beautiful late summer
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day, pretty close to normal. we hit 79 degrees, which is right average. the morning low was cool at 53, 6 degrees below the average. clear skies across the mid- atlantic. high-pressure just off the coast supplying beautiful weather. temperatures are comfortable, mostly in the '70s. 79 at easton. around baltimore, some of the cool parts will dip into the upper '40's. downtown baltimore in the '60s. high pressure off the mid- atlantic transfer other way. the result will be a southeasterly flow of air. it will be warmer and humid tomorrow. as the front west of chicago arrives on friday, we will work with some of that moisture in the year and triggers some isolated thunderstorms friday evening. until the front this year, the
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beautiful weather continues. on the bay, another beautiful day. waves around 1 foot with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies. in the western mountains, it has been chilly the past few days. close to 80 on friday with a chance of a thunderstorm. thunderstorm chances are less as you head east into the mountains. a 20% chance of an evening thunderstorm on that friday. the delaware beaches and southern maryland, beautiful weather continues through the work week. generally nice. airport team up storm of the season is nadine. went up to 65 miles power. going to become a category one hurricane. it is staying right out in the middle of the atlantic. your seven-day forecast, the
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beautiful weather continues. only a 20% chance the storm in the evening. >> you have to go back to september 22 of 1997 to find the last time the orioles and ravens started with both teams in first place in their respective divisions. the orioles will have to keep that up but they are concerned about injuries. jason havel have an mri taken. only his second start after cornerback, surgery. but is trying to keep a positive focus on a clubhouse seriously thinking make a nickel off the playoff race and become a postseason team.
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>> my grandmother used to say you'd never get more than you could handle. our guys still look that way. the fall 13 thing we had a chance for it to be your finest moment and you're looking at the potential for disasters. >> the orioles have plenty of potential as they start tonight in first-place tie with the yankees, two games ahead of tampa bay. for the ravens, the focus shifts to their first road game of the season as they travel to philadelphia. here trying to avoid at the sense of deja vu. but all that they lost on the road in asheville against the tennessee titans. -- in nash fell against the tennessee titans. he means business when he says
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this team has to be clear about its preparation and focus because philadelphia has a better team this year than tennessee did one year ago. >> you have to watch the tape and there are plenty of things to work on. the score is not necessarily indicative for my football perspective of what you see as a coach. we have lots of things we need to do to get better to improve between the first and second week. what of things if we're going to compete in against a very talented eagles the ball team. >> a big shakeout ahead in college sports. all sports but football -- much more at 11:00 tonight. stick around. stick around.
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>> live at morgan state university, city police are still on the scene of a shooting that happened a little more than an hour ago. university officials tell us one person was shot on campus in the stomach and was rushed to hospital. no word yet whether the person is a student. the search continues for a gunman. he has been described as a tall black man with a fait hair cut
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wearing a white t-shirt. city police are still here on the scene. we'll have more at all of a clock. clock. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. and those well grounded.
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>> the beautiful weather continues tomorrow. a glitch on friday evening, a 20% chance of a storm. nice weather for the weekend with sunny to partly cloudy skies with highs in the '70s. >> thank you for joining us. >> nbc nightly news with brian
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williams is next.
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